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Medieval Gold Emerald and Ruby Ring Recently Discovered

  He has spent 36 years searching for buried treasure – now a metal detectorist has told how he made the discovery of a lifetime in a field near York. He found a stunning medieval gold ring, engraved with flowers and set with ruby and emerald gemstones, lying six inches below the surface of the […]

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One of The Oldest Buildings Ever Discovered in Britain

  One of the oldest buildings ever discovered in Britain has been unearthed in Wiltshire. A burial chamber which is over 5,000 years old was found by archaeologists. It was discovered in a field of crops near Salisbury Plain and the site marks the spot where Neolithic folk were laid to rest. It isn’t glamorous […]

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Ancient Puebloan Glyph Depicting the Ark of the Covenant in America

  For centuries the Ark of the Covenant has been sought after. It’s where-abouts have been long speculated to be on just about every continent. Now research is starting to shed some light on the possibility that the arm may be in America.   The petroglyph from Puerco River in Arizona looks strangely like the […]

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