Christine and the Sybil

Christine and the Sybil pointing to a ladder from the heavens, from the Book of the Queen, France (Paris), c. 1410-1414

Oak Tree

Lover’s Oak

“Lover’s Oak” is estimated to be over 900-years-old. According to local legend, Native American braves and their maidens met under it’s majestic limbs to profess their love for each other. The Southern Live Oak’s tree trunk is 13 feet in diameter and branches off into ten limbs measuring up to 30” in diameter. It’s located […]

Crusades History Sword Uncategorized

A French Crusader and A Chinese Sword?

Little is known of Jean d’Alluye’s life. He belonged to the nobility of central France and he traveled to the Holy Land as a crusader in 1241 coming home three years later, 1244. Given that it will have taken him many months to get to Outremer and many months to return this was a relatively […]


Historic Kenmore Plantation, Fredericksburg, Virginia

This beautiful plantation house and its surrounding buildings were built in 1776 by Fielding Lewis for his wife Betty, who was also the sister of George Washington.  Lewis sank a lot of money into the war effort against Britain during the American fight for independence, and apparently his ghost is still concerned over the state […]

Airplane Boeing B-17 World War 2 World War II

Thousands of B-17 Bombers Parked at Kingman, Arizona, Soon After WWII

War birds parked at Kingman, Arizona, soon after WWII Thousands of B-17 Bombers Parked at Kingman, Arizona, Soon After WWII War birds parked at Kingman, Arizona, soon after WWII.  This photo was taken shortly after the end of the war.  Most of these spectacular and valiant B-17 bombers were sold to salvage companies shortly after […]

Airplane Flying World War 2 World War II

P-51 Mustang Arriving From Fullerton

The “Old Guys” here will recognize these…Al Redick, Supe Hoisington, Dick Harrison, Jim Maloney and, of course, Steve Hinton. We just got the plane in from Fullerton.  From D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge, through reconnaissance missions and combat, fighting flying bombs and Me 262 Stormbird jets, P-51 Mustang pilots saw it all during World […]

Gene Sarazen Golf The Masters

Revisit Sarazen’s ‘shot heard round the world’ One of The Greatest shot in Masters History

  Gene Sarazen, whose stylish, effective swing and dogged demeanor made him one of the finest golfers of the 1920’s and 30’s. It was at the Masters in 1935 that Sarazen hit the shot that most experts believe is the single most famous stroke of golf ever played. Dubbed ”the shot heard ’round the world,” […]

1799 Farm History House

John B. Wright House, Circa 1799

  John B. Wright House, Circa 1799, Johnson County Georgia, United States Located in the Buckeye community of Johnson County is one of the oldest houses in South Georgia. John B. Wright was a wealthy landowner, who had the fifth largest number of slaves in the state, and also a legislator. He’s best remembered as […]

1888 Country Farm Farm House Farming Georgia History House

Country Life at the Franklin House, 1888, Excelsior, Georgia

  Near this wonderful old farmhouse, which is still the heart of a working farm, a historical marker placed by the Averitt Foundation reads: Excelsior was the cultural center of Bulloch County in the late 1800s before it became part of Candler County. It was founded in 1875 on land donated by Jimerson Kennedy, Remer […]

Crusades Grenade History Uncategorized

Hand Grenade Found From Crusader-era

  A Crusades-era hand grenade was found in Israel. The hand grenade was retrieved from the sea. The family that located the old relic has turned it over to the Israeli Antiquities Authority. Nothing like the ones made today, this grenade was produced from heavy clay and is has very detailed embossing, it does not explode with shrapnel like the hand […]

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