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A French Crusader and A Chinese Sword?

Little is known of Jean d’Alluye’s life. He belonged to the nobility of central France and he traveled to the Holy Land as a crusader in 1241 coming home three years later, 1244. Given that it will have taken him many months to get to Outremer and many months to return this was a relatively […]

Airplane History ME262 World War 2 WW2

ME262B Two-seat trainer

Me-262B, Night Fighter – Interceptor, Luftwaffe. … 2 x TJE Jumo-004B-1, B-2 ore B-3, thrust, 900 kgp (1,980 lbf). Weight. Empty weight, 3800 kg (8,380 lb).

Airplane Boeing B-17 Flight Flying History World War 2 World War II

War Birds Parked at Kingman, Arizona, Soon After WWII

War birds parked at Kingman, Arizona, soon after WWII.  This photo was taken shortly after the end of the war.  Most of these spectacular and valiant B-17 bombers were sold to salvage companies shortly after the war.  They were reprocessed into all kind of metal products.  More than likely something used by everyone today has […]

1962 Actor Automobile Cadillac Car Classic Car Classic Movie History Hollywood Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason Waves To The Hometown Crowd

American actor and entertainer Jackie Gleason (1916-1987) stands in a Cadillac and waves upon his return to his hometown, outside Penn Station, New York, New York, August 18, 1962. Smiling from car’s backseat is the famous American restaurant owner Bernard Toots Shor (1904-1977).

16th century Carnasserie Castle Castle History Medieval Scotland United Kingdom

Carnasserie Castle (16th century) near Kilmartin, Scotland,UK

Carnasserie Castle (16th century) near Kilmartin, Scotland,UK Carnasserie Castle is a late 16th tower house guarding the northern approach to Kilmartin Glen. A combination fortress and residence, the castle boasts some excellent architectural details. Over the entrance is a large panel inscribed with the motto ‘God be with O Duibhne’ (the chiefs of Clan Campbell). […]

1936 Actor Automobile Car Classic Car Classic Movie History Hollywood James Stewart Movie Movie Star Plymouth

American Actor “Jimmy” James Stewart

  James Stewart American actor James Stewart (1908-1997) leaning against a 1936 Plymouth. April 1, 1936. James Maitland “Jimmy” Stewart was an American actor and military officer who is among the most honored and popular stars in film history. 1936 Ford Aerocoupe Custom by Steve Moal

Airplane Boeing B-17 History World War 2 World War II

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Line-Up

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses lined-up at Salina Air Base in Salina, Kansas during WWII.  PHOTOGRAPHER / CREDIT: U.S. Air Force

1909 History House

The McRainey House Built in 1909

  The original owner of the house Archibald Malcolm McRainey (1866-1914) arrived in Baker County from North Carolina and made a fortune in the timber and turpentine businesses.  The community of Elmodel grew up around these enterprises. The house was designed by architect William Jay. The Archibald McRainey house was constructed in 1909 for the McRainey […]

Hawaii History

Gorgeous View of Kauaʻi Hawaii

  Misty, green Kauaʻi, you’re our dream escape. Legend has it that the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands was named by Hawaiʻiloa, the Polynesian navigator credited with discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, after a favorite son. Emerald mountains, weeping waterfalls, red-rock canyons, jaw-dropping beaches, clear seas and big waves. Kaua‘i’s natural gifts are unparalleled […]

1799 Farm History House

John B. Wright House, Circa 1799

  John B. Wright House, Circa 1799, Johnson County Georgia, United States Located in the Buckeye community of Johnson County is one of the oldest houses in South Georgia. John B. Wright was a wealthy landowner, who had the fifth largest number of slaves in the state, and also a legislator. He’s best remembered as […]

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