Archeology Emerald Gem Gemstone Gold Jewelry Medieval Metal Detecting Ring Ruby

Medieval Gold Emerald and Ruby Ring Recently Discovered

  He has spent 36 years searching for buried treasure – now a metal detectorist has told how he made the discovery of a lifetime in a field near York. He found a stunning medieval gold ring, engraved with flowers and set with ruby and emerald gemstones, lying six inches below the surface of the […]

1415 Coin Gold Gold Noble Metal Detecting Metal Detector Noble Treasure

Spectacular 1415 Gold Noble

  Just recently a metal detecting hobbyist in the United Kingdom came across the find of a lifetime. They found a stunning specimen of a 1415 Gold hammered noble. They said that it was a cracking day, and the opportunity to find their first gold hammered noble had made their day and year. The noble was […]

Celtic Coin Gold Stater Metal Detecting Stater

Excellent Condition Celtic Gold Stater Recently Found

  The best gold stater found this year by a metal detecting enthusiast looking for treasure in the English countryside.  Verica warrior Rex, 30 -10 AD, Regini and Atrebates tribe. ABC 1190, Verica was the third son of Commios, and the second most powerful king in Britain only to Cunobelinus at this time who is rumored to […]

Coin James I James I Shilling Medieval Metal Detecting Metal Detector Ring Treasure

Medieval Treasure Found in English Field

  Sunday May 28 a metal detector hobbyist popped out with a fellow metal detecting buddy for a couple of hours detecting. Once they get on the field on their 3rd signal oh my!! In 36 years of detecting they have never found a medieval gold ring until now. The medieval ring was laying on the […]

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