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Why are these buried in the woods? What we found metal detecting.

Metal Detecting And Exploring A South Carolina Plantation Site

Bought this detector because I wanted to get into the metal detecting hobby. I didn’t want to buy a cheaper detector and then regret not getting the best that was available to me. Here’s the long and the short of it: this detector can detect to 12 and sometimes even 15 inches deep. The problem with it is, you have to master how to set up your machine for different soils and hunting conditions. The multi frequency and the factory settings on each “mode” of the detector are great, in ideal conditions. But we all know how often the real world is ideal. This machine struggles in trashy areas, badly… Unless you know how to dial it in and listen to your tones precisely. My opinion is, it’s great for beach hunting where targets are spread out. But if your a park hunter or do homesteads, it might be better to drop down to a simpler to use detector, and one that’s less pricey.

This is my first decent metal detector since I sold the Ace 250 a few years back. I decided to give the hobby another try when we recently bought 26 acres of partially wooded land. Before the 400, I bought a cheap Chinese detector and quickly found that you get what you pay for. After lots of research and having a limited budget, I went with the Garrett Ace 400.I’ve been very pleased with my purchase and have been having good success with my treasure hunts. The DD coil makes a huge difference when hunting on property that has a ton of trash and iron throughout it. Learning the different tones, matching tones to the VDI numbers and digging more confidently has hooked me into this hobby big-time.The only thing I plan to purchase for the 400 is the 5×8 DD coil when I can. I would also recommend a good pin-pointer. I’ve been using a cheap one (GP-Pointer) and it’s been getting me by for a bit now, but I plan to purchase the Garrett Pro Pointer AT when I can.I would recommend the Ace 400 to anyone wanting a nice metal detector. Down the road, I hope to pick up the Garrett AT Max.

“Never fight until you have to. But when it’s time to fight, you fight like your’re the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark and brother, it’s startin’ to rain.”

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