The Ruins of the Medieval Rheinfels Castle

The ruins of the medieval Rheinfels Castle, built in 1245, and the underground passageways of the fortress are very impressive. 

1398 Hircocervus

Hircocervus Myth

The Hircocervus was supposed to be half deer and half goat and had been speculated about since antiquity. Both Aristotle and Plato discuss the Hircocervus in their philosophy, although to Aristotle’s mind the creature is clearly fictional. The first English language mention of the Hircocervus comes from a manuscript of 1398.


A Medieval Winged Dragon

A Winged Dragon (detail) in a bestiary, 1278–1300, unknown illuminator, Franco-Flemish. Tempera colors, pen and ink, gold leaf, and gold paint on parchment, 9 3/16 × 6 7/16 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig XV 4, fol. 94.

Goodrich Castle

Goodrich Castle

For many centuries there has been an important crossing point on the river Wye close to where Goodrich Castle stands, creating one of the major routes between England and Wales. This is perhaps one reason why Goodrich was sited here. After the Norman Conquest of 1066, many castles were built along the border.  The history […]

1371 Katz Castle

Katz Castle

Katz Castle, above St. Goarshausen, was built in 1371 by the powerful Counts of Katzenelnbogen.

1499 Louis XII tapestry

The Banquet – French medieval tapestry – Castle of Nantes

The Banquet tapestry shows the engagement banquet of Louis XII of France and Anne of Brittany at the Castle of Nantes on 7th January 1499.  Look for the wine cooler, frog and other touches of humour in this charming French medieval tapestry wall hanging.


European Medieval Viking Sword Double Edge Folded Steel Iron Fittings

Ryan1215 is a replica of a Medieval European double-edged sword, the blade is full tang and sharpened. The blade is made of folded steel, folding grains are clearly visible. The handguard and pommel are made of iron, the handle wrapped with black wax cord. The sheath is made of hardwood and wrapped with black leather. […]

Archeology Emerald Gem Gemstone Gold Jewelry Medieval Metal Detecting Ring Ruby

Medieval Gold Emerald and Ruby Ring Recently Discovered

  He has spent 36 years searching for buried treasure – now a metal detectorist has told how he made the discovery of a lifetime in a field near York. He found a stunning medieval gold ring, engraved with flowers and set with ruby and emerald gemstones, lying six inches below the surface of the […]

Coin James I James I Shilling Medieval Metal Detecting Metal Detector Ring Treasure

Medieval Treasure Found in English Field

  Sunday May 28 a metal detector hobbyist popped out with a fellow metal detecting buddy for a couple of hours detecting. Once they get on the field on their 3rd signal oh my!! In 36 years of detecting they have never found a medieval gold ring until now. The medieval ring was laying on the […]

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