Estes MIRV Model Rocket

The Estes MIRV Model Rocket is a two stage rocket that requires three (3) A10-3T main stage engines and one (1) B6-0 or C6-0 Booster engine per launch. After the boost stage the booster section of the rocket falls back to the ground and then the second stage of this rocket splits into 3 individual smaller rockets that shoot off and spiral even higher. At the secound stage apogee the three sections will deploy their recovery system and tumble back to the ground. The booster section and the three (3) individual rocket sections do not have a parachute. They are so light once the nose cone on the three smaller rocket sections is dislodged by the parachute ejection charge they just flutter to the ground. If the nose cone doesn’t pop lose the section will be front heavy and dive bomb straight into the ground. It’s happened to me several times before. The name MIRV means Multiple, Independent, Reentry, Vehicles

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