Brown Mountain Ghost Lights

Ghost Lights of Brown Mountain

In the dark skies above Brown Mountain, North Carolina, eerie ghost lights have been spotted in the night sky for over a century. To many eyewitnesses, the lights appear as glowing orbs that hover in the sky above the mountain before suddenly disappearing or soundlessly exploding. The first reported sighting of the Brown Mountain Lights […]


Judaculla Rock

Judaculla Rock is located in Cullowhee, this is the best known petroglyph site in North Carolina. According to Cherokee Legend, Judaculla (or tsulkalu meaning “slant-eyed giant”) lived high upon Balsam Mountains. He guarded his hunting grounds from Judaculla’s Judgement Seat. This is known today as Devil’s Courthouse. Legend has it that once a group of […]

1398 Hircocervus

Hircocervus Myth

The Hircocervus was supposed to be half deer and half goat and had been speculated about since antiquity. Both Aristotle and Plato discuss the Hircocervus in their philosophy, although to Aristotle’s mind the creature is clearly fictional. The first English language mention of the Hircocervus comes from a manuscript of 1398.


Virginia Devil Monkey

The Virginia Devil Monkey is another creature from the folklore of the Appalachian region. According to legend, the Devil Monkey is malevolent and dangerous, preying on humans. The Devil Monkey is said to be a medium-sized (3-5 feet or 1-1.5 meters), ape-like creature with powerful legs, 3-toed feet with sharp talons, and a thick tail. […]


The Raven Mocker

The Raven Mocker is a creature from the folklore of Native American tribes in the Southeastern United States. According to legend, the Raven Mocker is a malevolent spirit that preys on the sick and dying. It’s said to take the form of a large bird with raven feathers and sharp talons or an old person. […]

Appalachian Big Foot

The Silver Giant

The Appalachian Silver Giant is a creature from the folklore of the Appalachian region of North America. According to legend, this massive humanoid creature has shaggy silver fur and eyes that glow in the dark. It is described as being almost 10 feet (3 meters) tall and weighing over 500 pounds (227 kilograms), making it […]

Legend Myth

The Smoke Wolf

According to legend, the Appalachian Smoke Wolf is a fierce predator that hunts at night and feeds on livestock, wildlife, and the occasional human unlucky enough to cross its path. Physical encounters with a Smoke Wolf are extremely rare, but those who have seen it describe it as a large, wolf-like creature with black fur […]

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