Bombardier Global 7500 Business Jet

Cloudy aftenoon view of this Bombardier Global 7500 Jet

Airplane F-22 F22 Fighter Jet Jet

F22 Blue Nose Fighter

The F-22 flagship for the 192nd Fighter Wing, the Virginia Air National Guard unit at Langley AFB, sported a blue nose in preparation for its annual joint Maintenance Professional of the Year Award Banquet, held in conjunction with Langley’s active duty 1st Fighter Wing on 12 March 2010. The F-22’s nose was prepared as a […]


Leonard Nimoy in his Piper Cherokee Arrow 200

Leonard Nimoy in his single engine Piper Cherokee Arrow 200 purchased from Red Aircraft at Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport around 1971-72.

1999 Airplane Aviat Husky

1999 Aviat Husky A-1B

Cloudy afternoon view of this Vibrant Yellow 1999 Aviat Husky A-1B

Airplane Mooney M20C Ranger

Mooney M20C Ranger

Afternoon view of this Mooney M20C Ranger

Airplane Movie Movie Star Tom Tom Cruise Top Gun

Tom Cruise asked to pilot a Super Hornet in the ‘Top Gun’ sequel & the Navy wasn’t having it

By all accounts, the upcoming sequel to “Top Gun” will serve up an unprecedented thrill ride courtesy of innovative cinematography and acting performed under perhaps the most extreme conditions — while pulling Gs. Director Joseph Kosinski’s (“Oblivion,” “Only the Brave”) decision to put IMAX cameras in the cockpit of a Super Hornet showcase CGI-free in-flight […]

Airplane Jimmy Buffett Music U2

Jimmy Buffett and U2’s Bono Shot at in Jamaica While Flying Seaplane

While most trips to the Caribbean are relaxing and relatively safe, for singer, songwriter and author Jimmy Buffet (and his friend Bono from U2), a trip to Jamaica ended with bullet holes in his plane.   Hemisphere Dancer is Jimmy Buffet’s personal seaplane. It was originally built in 1955 and called a “A Grumman HU-16 […]

Airplane History ME262 World War 2 WW2

ME262B Two-seat trainer

Me-262B, Night Fighter – Interceptor, Luftwaffe. … 2 x TJE Jumo-004B-1, B-2 ore B-3, thrust, 900 kgp (1,980 lbf). Weight. Empty weight, 3800 kg (8,380 lb).

Airplane Grumman Wildcat

Grumman Wildcat

Short, fat and deadly The combination of ruggedness and relatively poor performance compared to the Japanese Zeros turned this aircraft into a guerilla fighter: hit hard and run fast worked so well that the Wildcat had an air combat kill-to-loss ratio of 5.9:1 in 1942 and 6.9:1 for the entire war.

Airplane Boeing B-17 World War 2 World War II

Thousands of B-17 Bombers Parked at Kingman, Arizona, Soon After WWII

War birds parked at Kingman, Arizona, soon after WWII Thousands of B-17 Bombers Parked at Kingman, Arizona, Soon After WWII War birds parked at Kingman, Arizona, soon after WWII.  This photo was taken shortly after the end of the war.  Most of these spectacular and valiant B-17 bombers were sold to salvage companies shortly after […]

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