1909 History House

The McRainey House Built in 1909


The original owner of the house Archibald Malcolm McRainey (1866-1914) arrived in Baker County from North Carolina and made a fortune in the timber and turpentine businesses.  The community of Elmodel grew up around these enterprises. The house was designed by architect William Jay. The Archibald McRainey house was constructed in 1909 for the McRainey family and their servants.

The McRainey home was the first in the county to have running water, electricity, and three bathrooms. Pumping water up to the upper levels were difficult, however, due to there not being enough pressure to pump the water up the pipes. Behind the house is a brick cold storage house with eight inch thick walls, a marvel at the time. The house is rumored to have hidden doors which go to secret panic rooms and large murals on walls.

McRainey House, Elmodel, Baker County
McRainey House, Elmodel, Baker County


It is advised you NOT stop and visit the owner and ask about their home. The owner has had a very difficult life and trusts no one. The owner has pulled a gun on many people before and ran them off. No one should blame the owner as it still isn’t uncommon for looters to show up. The owner is very protective of their home and land, as it is all that they have. Please do not bother them. If you would like to photograph the home please do so from the other side of the road.

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