1980 Airplane Bonanza Flight Flying Turbo-Prop

1980 Bonanza A-36TC Turbo-Prop Conversion, 420HP Allison 250-B17C, Experimental

1980 Bonanza A-36TC Turboprop Conversion, Great IFR panel, Allison 250-B17C  Once you fly a turbo-prop, you will never go back to piston! Airframe Total Time: 3391.8 Hrs Engine: 420HP Allison 250-B17C S/N CAE-880346 Keystone Turbine tracks all the times, TTSN: 2359 Hrs, 3,500 hr TBO. Tons of life left on all engine components. Time Since New […]

1996 Airplane Lancair Pilot

1996 Lancair 360 Experimental Airplane

Build was completed in 1996 and has been based in the mid-west it’s most of it’s life, (dry, low humidity, no corrosive environment). It was flown to Florida to be sold while the owner has left the country to serve in the Air Force. New factory overhauled propeller 3/16/2017, brand new: brakes, wheels, rotors and […]

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E-flite Timber 1.5m BNF Basic RC Airplane

  Make the world your runway with the amazing Timber™ 1.5m BNF® Basic park flyer. It comes equipped with an unbeatable combination of features that let everyone from newer pilots to expert sticks enjoy a versatile, sport-flying experience unlike any other. Sport Aerobatics, Off-Field Adventure, Float Plane Fun-It Does it All If you’ve been looking […]

Airplane Flight Flying RC VTOL

E-flite Convergence VTOL PNP, 650mm

  VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) RC models are usually a mixed bag when it comes to performance. If they are stable, their speed and agility is often lackluster. If they are nimble, pilots have to work harder to transition between hovering and airplane flight. The Convergence™ VTOL park flyer changes all that. Its unique […]

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Cessna 400 Corvalis

Cessna 400 Corvalis The Cessna 400 is the fastest single engine piston aircraft currently in production. This aircraft will cruise at 235 knots at 25,000 feet, giving you the option to fly over most weather and all terrain in North America. The Cessna 400 has an impressive range of 1,250 NM, meaning you can go […]

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