Diamond Emerald France Royals Royalty Tiara

French Royal Angouleme Emerald Tiara

The Angouleme Emerald Tiara.  The diamond and emerald tiara made for the Duchess of Angoulême by Bapst, on display with the rest of the French crown jewels at the Louvre Museum in Paris, 2016 This gorgeous tiara was made by Evrard and Frederic Bapst for the French crown jewels in 1820.   This diadem of emeralds […]

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Gorgeous Diamond Tiara

    When did tiaras become fashionable, and do you have to be royal or of aristocratic birth to wear one? In ancient Greece garland-like hair ornaments were used to adorn the heads of sacred statues, given to athletes and warriors to honor victories, and worn by people of high rank at weddings and feasts. These […]

Luxembourg Nassau Tiara Royalty Tiara

The Gorgeous Nassau Tiara

  The Grand Duchess Adelaide Tiara is said to have been part of the trousseau of Princess Adelheid-Marie of Anhalt-Dessau, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, the second wife of Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who ruled Luxembourg from 1890–1905. It’s most closely associated with her granddaughter, Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde, who favored the tiara when sitting for […]

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