1939 levitation Spiritualist

Welsh Spiritualist Colin Evans

Welsh spiritualist Colin Evans feigns levitation by jumping up and down in total darkness and filming himself with an infrared camera. London, 1939.

1939 Automobile Bugatti Car Classic Car

1939 Bugatti

  Bugatti was founded by Ettore Bugatti over a hundred years ago in 1909 in a place called Molsheim, France. Since then, the brand has developed a reputation for building some of the most exclusive and fast cars ever made. Still, the company has found themselves in financial stress during its storied history and has […]

1939 1939 Delahaye

Spectacular 1939 Delahaye

1939 Delahaye DELAHAYE PRODUCED ONLY SIX 12-cylinder Type 165s as production variants of its successful Type 145 competition car. This car was built to represent France at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, an exposition promoted with the slogan “Dawn of a New Day”. While the engine was not completed in time for its display, the modernity and sublime beauty of this car’s styling […]

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