Magnum PI and The Rubber Chicken

Tom Selleck got to play Magnum with that humor that he requested though. Where most detective shows have their heroes make a wisecrack here and there, perhaps with a wink to the camera and a catchphrase trailing behind, Magnum was simply funny. He was always smiling and cracking jokes. His voice got high when he was losing his cool. The best example of Magnum’s humor was the running gag involving Magnum pranking his friends with a rubber chicken.

Magnum PI is to this day one of the greatest and most enduring television shows ever made. It’s a show that had a series finale that managed to get placed in the top 5 most watched tv programs in history. It made a superstar out of Tom Selleck, and boasted a superior supporting cast in Roger Mosley, Larry Manetti and John Hillerman. The show was set in the gorgeous state of Hawaii and gave us all the beautiful scenery and women we could ask for. 

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