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Cleanse with Egg: Interpretation and Meaning of this Appalachian Folklore Practice  

Open your roads

Dare to cleanse your aura, don’t let life fill you with obstacles. Change the course of your luck with egg cleansing and open your paths quickly.

This magical procedure is the cheapest and simple way out of many of your problems. It is one of the most widely used spiritual and energy cleansing systems in the world. Cleansing with egg also allows you to open the roads of the person you love. The ritual also solves ills such as headaches, general malaise, low mood, and envy. The best thing is that you can do it as many times as you want to be clean and protected.

Cleanse with egg, when to do it?

First of all, you have to believe in what you’re doing. This ritual is effective, the egg cleanses personal spaces, purifies the body and spirit. It is advisable to do so when you feel stagnant energies or you need to renew your path. It is also ideal to cleanse with egg when losing a job or being economically unstable. When you start suffering from nightmares, insomnia, accidents without explanation, it would be a good time to do a cleansing.

Choose a day, preferably Sunday or Monday. You can also choose the beginning of the month and the new year, so you will be completely renewed. Another doubt of many people is the time when you can make the cleansing with egg. Well, there’s no time, just choose the best for you. Look for a quiet room with a window. Finally, I recommend cleansing in the waning lunar phase so that the energies flow.

Simple ingredients

Putting into practice this system is easy, you only need:

How to make a cleanse with egg?

There are several ways to make an egg cleansing, which is important is that the egg is fresh.

  • Before starting you must light a white candle and an incense rod. Then read the Prayer of Offal that will open the roads.
  • When you finish reading, stand up and hold the egg with your right hand. Make small circles from head to toe, without touching the skin.
  • You must follow an order when making a tour of the body. Start by the hair, pass through the forehead, eye, mouth, and neck. Go down to your shoulders, chest, arms, and abdomen.
  • Complete the process on the legs, knees, and feet. The active porosity of the egg will absorb the negative energies and obstacles inside.
  • When you finish doing the egg cleansing, break it, and make the contents in a glass with water and salt. It will be able to neutralize all negative charges and convert them into neutral energy.
  • Once inside the glass with water, you will have to interpret the images of the egg. When you’re done, flush all the contents of the glass down the toilet.

It is important that before you leave the bathroom, add a pinch of salt inside the toilet. This will ensure that all the negative energies from which the egg stripped you have been eliminated. 

This is the prayer of Offal
“I ask the Lord Almighty God, through the action of St. Michael the Archangel, to eliminate the negative from within me. I ask that the roads be opened, that the bad energies be absorbed by this egg. That bad desires, envy, bonds, ties, energetic attacks and obstacles disappear. So be it, in the name of the Lord Almighty. Amen»

Meaning of egg in the glass

The egg in the glass will generate valuable information about how you are at the energy and spirit level.

  • Something bad: If a mantle comes out or the egg seems to be cooked, you’ll need to check if someone is doing something negative to you.
  • Negative load: Bubbles surrounding the egg yolk or sprouting towards the surface will indicate a high level of negative energies.
  • Concerns: If the egg yolk shows you a person, animal, or object, you’ll know you’re full of anxieties. If it’s a person, then you should know that you’re envious. Now, if what you see is an animal, you’ll need to analyze your last dreams.
  • Envious locks: Upward spikes, similar to nails or needles, are a sign of envious people surrounding you. These are looking, to put obstacles in the way, wishing you wouldn’t get ahead.
  • Provocations: A mantle that covers the yolk occurs when you feel that someone is regularly bothering and provoking you.
  • Alert Call: If when you cleanse with egg, the yolk turns red and black, it is prone to disease.
  • Bad eye: It is possible to know if you suffer from this evil. Take a good look at the yolk. If it gets cloudy, with many spikes and bubbles, then you suffer from it.
  • Boot the bad: The downward peaks will signal that you must have control over yourself. You’re full of resentments you haven’t taken out.
  • Physical wear: Figures curled into the egg indicate that you are coping with physical discomfort, aches, or discomforts that you’re ignoring.
  • Black Magic: Usually, the yolk should go down to the bottom of the glass when we break the egg. If it’s in the middle or if it goes up, it’ll give you a clear sign that someone’s doing witchcraft to you.

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