Sterand Loco 1902

Built for the Chicago Solder Co., Chicago Ill., 1902, by the Western Motor Car Co. of Marion, Indiana. It is a four-cylinder Rutenber engine, motor No. 15609, body style railroad engine; 15.6 horsepower, right hand drive, front tires 32 by 4, rear tires 34 by 4. Pistons on side of engine are air compressors, used to blow the whistle or inflate the tires, should one go flat on the raod. Car has two forward speeds and one reverse, will travel up to 60 mph. Car has air gauge 300 pounds, speedometer 60 mph. Eight-day rim wind Phinney-Walker clock. Owned and operated by Babe and Bob’s Motor Service, Robert L. Eaton, of 523 So. Crysler, Independence, Mo., at the wheel.

Powered by a 4-cylinder 40-hp Rutenber gasoline engine, It is equipped with numerous working locomotive features which included a cow catcher, bell, single headlight, steam stack and sand dome, 8 Day penny rim wind clock, all of which served a useful function. It Has 2 Forward & Reverse Transmission And Has Been Driven 12,000 Miles. Has Had 3 Owners & Second Owner Purchased It In 1947 From The Original Owner In Chicago Illinois

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