Tuxedo Black Red Stinger 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Wonderful lakeside view of this classic C2 tuxedo black red stinger 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible

The 1967 Corvette Sting Ray was the last Corvette of the second generation, and five years of refinements made it the best of the line. Several important changes marked the mid-years evolution but, no change was greater than the introduction of the 427-cubic inch engine. These Big Block cars would be the high-water mark of Corvette performance and refinement for the C2 series of cars. The 427/400hp L68 came standard from the factory with the Holley triple two-barrel carburetor arrangement called Tri-Power. Only 2101 Corvettes in 1967 received this rare engine option which was a $305.50 cost. 

As we know, rarity is one factor which often pushes price and desirability north. Such was the case with 1967, restored a little over 2 years ago.  VA Title carries an “Original Supplier Rebuilt” branding.  This is common among cars of this era and that have survived for this long. Chevrolet sold more than 27,000 Corvettes in 1966 but the numbers slipped below 23,000 the following year. … Thus, 1967 Corvettes are rarer than the ones which came immediately before and immediately after
This 427 Coupe was ordered in the most desirable and rarest color combination of Tuxedo Black with a red stinger hood complemented by a black leather interior.  

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