The Castle of Levizzano

The Castle of Levizzano is located in a dominant position on the wonderful hills of the homonymous village in the municipality of Castelvetro. Its structure consists of a city wall in the center of which there is the so-called Torre Matildica – Matildic Tower.

Starting from the 12th century, the fortified complex was restored and enlarged. In particular, next to the tower that was placed to protect the entrance to the Castle, a part of the feudal palace was erected and an underground tunnel was built, which still joins the Palace to the Tower.

Around the 16th century the buildings underwent important transformations: dating back to this period is the so-called “Stanza dei Vescovi”  or Bishops’ Room, which has a ceiling with ancient wooden structures and a cycle of Renaissance frescoes. On the main floor, you can enter the charming loggia overlooking the hills dotted with vineyards from the main hall. Campo San Rocco and the ancient former Napoleonic cemetery stand in the immediate vicinity of the Castle.

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